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Club Address:
1400 State Hwy. 119
Longmont, CO 80504
Call The Fox Hill Club at (303) 651-3777

Hours of Operation: Tuesday - Friday, 8:00am to 5:00pm (Business Office)

Business Administration Office
Call the Business Administration Office at (303) 651-3777

Pat Miller
General Manager
Ext. 3

Jill Vallad
Accounting Manager
Ext. 9

Fox Hill Restaurant
Call the Fox Hill Restaurant at (303) 651-3777, Ext. 7

Lori Hunnicutt
Food & Beverage Manager
Ext. 4

Miguel Ramirez
Executive Chef
Ext. 8

Golf Course Maintenance Facility

Rich Parker
Call Rich Parker at (720) 600-4450

Cole Barton
Assistant Superintendent
Call Cole Barton at (720) 600-4449

Golf Shop & Tee Times
Call for information on Golf Shop and Tee Times at (303) 651-3777, Ext. 5

John Trierweiler
PGA Head Professional
Ext. 5

Sales & Marketing
Call for information on Sales & Marketing at (303) 651-3777

Ryan Naab
Sales & Marketing Manager
Ext. 1

Vicky Tardif
Sales & Marketing Manager
Ext. 6

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