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Junior Golf

The Junior Golf Instructional Program

The Fox Hill Junior Golf Program has a rich history of producing many of the finest players in the state. Our goal is to develop our Juniors physically and mentally to becoming tomorrow’s golfer. We use comprehensive coaching techniques to tailor lessons to each group’s age and skill level. We also encourage development off the course by providing parents with continual updates on what we are working on so that they can become active participants.

A group of junior golfers practice on the driving range at The Fox Hill Club

Although the skills we will work on vary based on age and ability level, some of the specifics we address include:

  • Posture, Grip and Aim fundamentals
  • All fundamentals: chipping, pitching, putting, full swing, and bunker play
  • Course management
  • Motor skills and hand-eye coordination
  • Rules of golf
  • Etiquette of golf
  • Golf history and facts

All Junior golf activities are open to Golf and Social Members and, if space is available, non-members. There is an additional fee for Social Members and non-Members.



A PGA Junior Golf Team poses for a picture at The Fox Hill Club

The Fox Hill Club is proud to announce a full wrap around junior golf program.  There will be a Spring, Summer and Fall Terms.  The Spring and Fall Terms will follow the TPI ( curriculum founded on the principles of Long-Term Athlete Development.  Summer will be dedicated the Summer Camp Sessions and the competitive golf via the Junior PGA, and continued education and on course play with our brand-new Operation 35 Initiative.  All Junior golf activities are open to Golf Members, Social Members and if space available non-members.  Social and non-members include an additional fee.  The Fox Hill Golf Staff will be working in conjunction with the YOLO Golf Academy this year again. Below you will find information on Spring, Fall, Summer Camp Sessions and Junior PGA League.
We focus on developing golf skills, athletic ability and most importantly, a love for the game of golf. We do this via a carefully structured curriculum that provides age appropriate golf and athletic development training programs.
There are three different Junior Golf Schools at The Fox Hill Club during the Spring and Fall Terms; Fundamentals, Learn to Play & Train to Play with each targeting a different age group.
Fundamentals (Cyclone) – Ages: Males 5-8, Females 4-7 Class Length 75 Minutes
Golf Fundamentals are learned via a series of skill progressions that break each one down into easy to understand chunks. In addition, we create a learning environment that encourages exploration and creativity - critical elements in the process of motor learning. Development of Fundamental Movement Skills is the focus of our Cyclone Program. This athletic foundation will also enhance the ability of your child in other sports they play.
Learn to Play (SMASH) – Ages: Males 9-11, Females 8-10 Class Length 80 Minutes
It continues to develop the athletic foundation required to play golf well. From a growth and maturation point of view, these years are a great time to learn new skills and the program reflects this with a heavy focus on refining existing golf skills and developing new ones. Athletic Development focuses on learning Fundamental Sports Skills.
Train to Play (Wave) – Ages: Males 12-14, Females 11-13 Class Length 80 Minutes
The Wave Program takes into account the challenges encountered during what can be one of the most difficult times in a junior golfer’s life - dealing with their major growth spurt.  Whilst the program continues to further develop all golf fundamentals, it has a particular focus on developing all the skills required to shoot lower scores. It teaches shot making skills such as trajectory and flight control, develops course strategy, game management, and introduces tournament preparation skills.
Athletic development takes advantage of a number of training factors that are highly trainable at this time. Speed, Stamina, Suppleness, Strength, and 3D Integration are all trained and developed as part of our Wave Program.
As students cycle through the curriculum there is a requirement to 'Grade’. These testing days are run twice per year. (It is very similar to the Karate/Martial arts belt system.)
To progress, juniors will have to pass fun, age appropriate tests that examine their ability to execute the basic golf and athletic skills they have learned.  Students attempt various skills and are rewarded points as they complete the station. The points add up to a grading level and if they are successful, students are rewarded with their new badge. The badge represents their skill level and subsequent curriculum they will be taught for the next two terms.  
Term Fees
All Term fees are to be paid on the first day of term. Fees include all administration, badges, and grading.
New students will be charged the new student rate for their first term only and then the returning student fees for all subsequent terms.
Fundamentals (Cyclone) – 17 Classes
Full Member Pricing New student - $275.00, Returning student - $255.00 per term
Social and No-Member Pricing New student - $300.00, Returning student - $280.00 per term
SMASH/WAVE: - 17 Classes
Full Member Pricing New student - $360.00, Returning student - $340.00 per term
Social and No-Member Pricing New student - $385.00, Returning student - $365.00 per term
Sibling Discount: Siblings receive 10% off term fees for each additional child
March 16 – New Semester Orientation and Testing
March 17, 30, 31– Cyclone 1, SMASH 1, WAVE 1
April 6 – On the golf course
April 7, 13, 14 – Cyclone 2, SMASH 2, WAVE 2
April 20 – On the golf course
April 21, 27, 28 – Cyclone 3, SMASH 3, WAVE 3
May 4 – On the golf course
May 5, 11, 12 – Cyclone 4, SMASH 4, WAVE 4
April 6 – Testing
Summer Camp Sessions will keep the focus on fundamentals of golf swing.  There will be two sessions available for the juniors to participate in.  Included in the Summer Sessions will be free entry into the Parent Child Tournament, Junior Club Championship and the Junior Golf Banquet. 
Operation 36 Initiative
This year we are excited to introduce our Operation 3 Initiative.  This program will be on Saturday’s during the season that is a playing-based program that challenges juniors to shoot Par (36) for 9 holes from different yardages. All students will begin at 25 yards and move back to 50 yards, 100 yards, 150 yards and then finally the RED forward tees. This will scale the course to the abilities of the juniors.  In addition, now throughout the summer each junior will have a goal to shoot Par (36) from all the distances.  Each junior will not be able to move back in yardage until they shoot Par (36) from that yardage.  As the junior’s progress through each level they will be recognized through the program and the club.
Full Member Pricing - $160.00 per session - $300.00 for both sessions
Social and No-Member Pricing - $170.00 per session - $350.00 for both sessions
Dates:  Session 1                                                                         Dates:  Session 2
Tuesday instruction days: June 4th, 11th & 25th                            Tuesday instruction days: July 2nd, 9th & 23rd
Saturday play days: June 8th 15th & 29th                                  Saturday play days: July 6th, 20th & 27th
Instruction Tuesdays:                                                                Saturday Evening – Tee Times
Ages 5 - 7 / 2:00pm to 2:45pm                                                 NA – Instruction only
Ages 8 - 11 / 3:00pm to 4:00pm                                               4:10 – 5:30pm – 8 -11 age group
Ages 12 -16 / 4:15pm – 5:15pm                                               3:00 – 4:00pm – 12 -16 age group
*Professional Staff will move your son or daughter based on assessment between age groups*
• All Junior Sports Night – Tuesday, April 2nd 5:00p.m – 7:00p.m.
• Junior Golf Assessment – Sunday, May 5th 2:00p.m – 4:00p.m.
• Parent Child Tournament – July 13th   – All Day Tee Times
• Junior Club Championship– August 6th & 7th Tee Times in afternoon
• Junior Golf Banquet – August 25th 5:00p.m. (All Junior Golf Participants)
PGA Jr. League
What is the PGA Jr. League?  The PGA Jr. League is designed to bring a “Little League” atmosphere to the game of golf. With teams of boys and girls, age 13 and under as of August1st, PGA JLG provides a structured league environment for young golfers to compete and have fun! This is a great way to get, and keep kids involved in the game!
The format is a fun team scramble format for players of every skill level.  All participants get to play in every competition.  Participants receive team jerseys, golf balls and PGA JLG bag tags.  We will be fielding ONE team this year unless we get enough participation to sign up TWO teams.  We will hold a tryout for the team, more information will be sent out.   The team will play no more than 6 regular season competitions plus coaching and practice times, with an additional opportunity for kids to advance to post-season and All-Star teams.
Cost:  $275.00 per player plus additional fees may apply for any junior golfer that makes the “All Star” teams.
Open to golf member in good standing.  Extra $25 for Social Members
PGA Jr. League Schedule – we are still figuring out the teams and the schedule for this league.
Practice Schedule
*Thursday. June 6th –    5:30pm – 6:30pm         
*Thursday, June 13th – 5:30pm – 6:30pm         
*Thursday, July 11th –   5:30pm – 6:30pm         
*Thursday, July 18th –   5:30pm – 6:30pm         
If you have any questions on the programing please reach out to the Golf Shop and we can assist you further.


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