Golf Lessons - PGA Head Professional Stewart Koch

I have  been a member of the PGA of America for 16 years, and have been teaching the game for over 20 years. I treat every student individually, and do not approach lessons using "method" instruction for everyone. A strong focus on fundamentals and keeping things simple, as well as maximizing a players strengths and minimizing their weaknesses, are the emphsis of most of my lessons. I believe in teaching "golf", not "golf swing"......meaning that we will focus on your entire game, both physically and mentally, to give you the tools to manage your game better and shoot lower scores.

Lesson Rates:

$50 per individual lesson - 30 to 45 minutes

Series of 3 individual lessons - $130

Series of 5 individual lessons - $225

Give me a call in the Golf Shop (303-651-7600), or email me at to schedule a lesson or if you have any questions.